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Nature Walks


Explore the beautiful property of Eighteen Mile and beyond into the Lamington National Park on foot. Be absorbed in the captivating scenery, along with the abundant variety of local flora and fauna.




Experience the brilliance of a stunning night sky by stepping outdoors on a clear evening for stargazing under wide open skies without the interruption of light pollution.  

Rocking Hopping


Guests of Eighteen Mile enjoy exploring the Albert River that runs through the property which flows close from its source  the Lamington National Park, Darlington. Rock-hopping, river bathing, fishing, and picnicking beside are favourite activities for many of our guests. 

IMG-20220904-WA0004 (2).JPG


Cooking Classes

Scenic Rim Cooking Classes offer a variety cuisines for a private cooking class at Eighteen Mile. The focus is using fresh, local ingredients, showcasing the flavours of the Scenic Rim. 

Book direct once you've booked your stay. Subject to availability.


Lamington National Park


A scenic 20 minute drive west of Eighteen Mile leads to the Lamington National Park. The Park is an excellent location for hiking, rock-hopping, and river bathing. Christmas Creek Café offers espresso coffee and country style meals, located a little prior to reaching the Park.

Larapinta Falls (in photo) is a 2 hour hike approx. from the Park entrance. 

Google Map: John T. Buchanan Crossing. At Crossing, take the right branch road toward Westray Grave.


Evelle-Wilderness Escape

Lovely Elle & Eve provide unique nature immersive massage treatments either in-house at Eighteen Mile, or along their private creek destination at Cain Bable Creek.

Contact Evelle-Wilderness Escape direct for booking once you have booked your stay at Eighteen Mile.

evelle-wilderness escape

The Overflow Estate


"Great wine

Delicious food

Stunning location...

That's the Overflow Estate 1895"

Located a scenic 40 minute drive north west of Eighteen Mile.



Oaky Creek Farm & Harvest Café

"Harvest Cafe is an incredible experience for farmers and food lovers alike. Located in the heart of the Scenic Rim, the family-owned cafe offers stunning views of the gorgeous hinterland, combined with an exquisite selection of handcrafted dishes, made with fresh, locally harvested ingredients." 


Hot Air Balloon Rides


Take in the breathtaking views of the Scenic Rim from above with a hot air balloon ride. Experience the thrill of soaring through the sky and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Brisbane Classic Hot Air ballooning with vineyard breakfast, self drive meet at Canungra.

Book Direct:



Wyaralong Dam

"Lake Wyaralong, nestled at the base of Mt Joyce between Beaudesert and Boonah in the aptly named Scenic Rim, is an outdoor wonderland that makes a great day trip from Brisbane." 

Located a 45 minute (approx.) scenic drive north west of Eighteen Mile.

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